Tuesday Uni Outfit Of the Day

Yesterday was actually a pretty hard day for me. I was excited to wake up because I thought I had a rather nice outfit in mind and was hoping for the day to go seemingly well. I ended up choosing a red dress which is out of my comfort zone since usually I only wear black. The dress is from Missguided UK and I purchased it months ago. When I first got it, it was too tight and too short and I felt as though there wasn't enough fabric covering anything. It feels amazing to see how far my weight loss journey has taken me and being able to fit into things I thought would never really fit.

Dress: Missguided UK, Cardigan: H&M, Gold Triangle Necklace: H&M

It's getting close to the end of my Insanity Journey Round One and it feels wonderful to see how far I have come in these last 62 days alone. I had succeeded to lose over 50 pounds now and am almost at my goal weight which is crazy. I feel more confident in my own skin and even if I'm still nowhere close to being skinny, I am healthy. 

The day itself ended up being quite dreadful to be honest, I ended up sitting completely alone in class today and we were given the final study tools for our first final which is on Friday. The final I have yet to actually study for and is making me go crazy simply thinking about it. I'm honestly so scared that I won't be able to express myself properly in German and that therefore I won't pass or get far in this school or major. I just wish it weren't so lonely either and that there were more hours in the day to study and not hyperventilate. The night class ended up being too long and exhausting and pointless as well which is truly annoying. Today I have a super early class hence why I am awake at 5 o'clock in the morning right now and hopefully the day overall will leave me feeling a bit better than yesterdays. 
Trying to stay positive is so hard. 
Stefanie xx 

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  1. Hey lovely, just came across your blog and it's great! Love the colour of the dress, it really suits you!

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