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The last few days have been a little overwhelming for me. I've finally come to make some new decisions and I think maybe things might be heading in a positive direction. I have recently decided that the living situation with my grandparents simply isn't working out and I am going to look for a second job so that I can move into an apartment hopefully by the end of this year. I think that living in an apartment by myself will make things a lot easier and it's also insanely exciting. Not to mention I'm going to love the freedom of decorating my own apartment, I already have tons of ideas in mind and am just hoping for everything to go right. I went into the city today to hand out applications for jobs at various restaurants and coffee shops, I think I would most want another waitressing job because of the extra workout and the tips that come with it. A few places said they'd be calling in the next few days and others were really positive about my possible addition to the place so I'm keeping my hopes high and maybe something good will come from it. On the way back I decided to pick up a few school supplies I'd still needed and then happened to treat myself to some nail polish from the local Drugstore. 

Prom Berry by Essence Colour & Go - 1.75 euros
Icy Princess by Colour & Go - 1.75 euros 
#317 by She Stylezone - 2.75 euros 

The Colour and Go brand is one of my favorites because it's so affordable but also has a really nice formula that never leaves my nails feeling dry and doesn't chip easily. I also love that the formula is suitable with simply one coat but as you go onto more the color itself changes as well. I have the Prom Berry color on my nails now and the formula is a rich, vampy purple which is perfect for fall. It comes off almost black in some lights but I really like the way it shows a different range of colors. The Icy Princess color was also something that I felt would fit well with my autumn clothing because it hints a neutral softer edge to the dark colors that will be in this fall. Lastly, I was dying to see this nail polish from the She Stylezone collection because I've been eyeing the Essie color that looks almost exactly the same, For The Twill Of It which is this metallic grey color with green shimmer. I really hope this is a dupe for the Essie nail varnish since it's more than half the price. I really enjoyed these little purchases and I'm always looking for new nail varnish colors to add to my collection.

What Nail Color are you rocking right now? 
What are your favorite colors for the fall and winter seasons?

Let me know in the comments down bellow 
Until Next time, 
Stefanie xx


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