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Yesterday I went out to coffee after class with my good friend Katha. Lately, I feel like I've been sitting around so much because most of my time is spent in classes or studying at home and I haven't started my new work out program yet. Katha and I ended up walking around the city and enjoying the cool weather and lovely sights. We walked past a beauty store and the sign out front said 20% off everything storewide for one day only. It also happened to be the only shop in my town that sells Mac Cosmetics. I've been wanting to purchase the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation for ages now but haven't been able to convince myself to spent so much on one item. As a student, I really prefer beauty and fashion on a budget so spending 30 something euro on one beauty item was never something I could bring myself to do. I handed out job applications to ten places on Wednesday and by Thursday I already had two call backs and interviews scheduled for next week. I'm so thrilled and I thought that it was time to treat myself, especially since there was a one day only sale going on. 

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - 24.00 Euros 

I had the lady at the counter test a few shades on my skin and we settled on the NC20 which ended up being the perfect fit. My skin shade thankfully stays about the same year round so it's ideal for the winter months coming up. I've used it today and I've never seen my skin look so flawless and natural with makeup on. I've always been insecure about my acne scarring and my skin is never the same so I always like having a foundation that works for me on my best days and my worst. I find that this foundation is very versatile and can be heavier or also as just really fair light coverage with a few dabs of product. The only thing I'm not completely sure about yet is the smell, I don't know if anyone else has noticed that Mac Cosmetics have a very distinct smell to them and it's weird having my face smell like make up. I do however like that it doesn't crack under acne and it lasts rather long without having to do any retouching. I've had a full face of make up on for five hours now and it still looks like I just finished putting it on. I know other girls are in similar situations where they're living as college students and maybe have a side job but don't feel like it is necessary to splurge on expensive beauty products. However, I would recommend that if you're going to invest on any kind of make up it should be the foundation because it plays as the basis for your canvas. I don't regret spending the money now and I know it'll last me quite a while. Maybe I'll do a blog post comparing it to some of my favorite drugstore foundations just to show a variety of different products and what they can do for your skin. Let me know if anyone would be interested in that. 

Have you tried any Mac Products?
What are your favorite high end or drug store foundations?

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