Life Update

I wanted to make a little post as a sort of Life Update since a few exciting new things will be happening next week and I'm just kind of nervous/giddy about them.  I have always enjoyed working and making my own money, it's been super important to me for years now to always be able to afford anything I truly desire with my own source of income. Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to save my money and also that I'm rather cheap on buying things for myself. I've always had a hard time understanding how people go out and spend their entire pay check once they get it or how someone can actually justify spending over 50 bucks on one thing. I've been working since I was nearly 15 with tutoring and I had loads of jobs back in America. I was always known as the busy body who was juggling school and three or more jobs. I just like to stay busy and I never minded being able to take care of myself. I currently work in a coffee shop inside the main bookstore of my city. It's this perfect little quaint place with a nice atmosphere and super friendly coworkers. I have to say, I'm incredibly lucky because I do really love my job. I am an absolute coffee addict, I completely run on coffee alone and books are just about my favorite thing in the world. The job is simply a mix of my favorite things and I have to admit I'm also rather good at what I do. The customers are always super nice and friendly and people there seem to genuinely enjoy me. Now that Uni has started and the summer months have come to an end my coworkers aren't going on vacation anymore meaning I also won't be working as much. I'm basically only working every Saturday now and even though my pay is still just as good, I simply feel like I could be doing more. I've also recently decided that I would like to move into my own apartment sometime soon and my income right now wouldn't be enough to provide for myself and Sparcky. So, on Wednesday of this week I went out and happened upon ten coffee shops or restaurants and left with them my resume. I wasn't expecting any call backs because I know getting a job isn't always easy and it sometimes takes quite a while. Little did I know that now, Friday I already have two job interviews scheduled for Monday and both places seem genuinely interested in hiring me. It's so very exciting and also super super scary. Yes, I want another job because it will have all kinds of benefits but starting over somewhere new where I won't really know anything yet is going to be hard and complicated. I'm a very shy person in general and I get embarrassed really easily so the first day mess ups are always nerve wrecking for me. Also, since the coworkers at my coffee shop book store job are all so nice but all rather older than me it's going to be weird working with people around my age. It's going to be weird working with new people at all. I'm not really a people person but I really hope they at least give me a chance and don't dislike me straight off the bat. I already know I'm going to mess up quite a bit but I just really hope it works out. On Monday I have two interviews scheduled at different places and the second one also involves a trial run shift which will be happening during the lunch rush hour so the manager is going to want to see how I handle myself under pressure. It's just all really overwhelming and scary and I just really hope it works out and I get hired from one of the places. I'm going to try to stay positive and just keep thinking about my own little humble abode that I can soon afford. Two jobs, University, and a workout plan are going to be a lot to juggle but it feels a little bit more like it used to now that I'm constantly busy and working, I like being stressed, it's when I'm in my element and being pushed to the top of my game. 

Hoping for the best to come 


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