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So I'm writing this before class today since I didn't find the time or motivation to actually post anything last night. Yesterday was a very interesting day, to say the very least. I started the morning nervous and woke up to skype with my mom and older brother. Him and I are actually starting to get along a little better and I'll admit that yah, I miss him as well. I made my way to Uni an hour early because I assumed the class would be packed with students like it was yesterday. 

The above pictures are basically me making my way to class, the little pathway I follow to get to our building is shown in the top picture and then the Resowi Center, a.k.a. the law building with all it's high tech looking glory is shown bellow. Anyway, to my surprise, barely anyone showed up super early and the lecture hall when filled up only was about half way full. I took my seat in the side of the hall and got the courage to take out my laptop and try my best to blend in with the crowd. The girls on both sides of me weren't really up for talking and I think that's where I realised, college or at least the classes I'll be attending aren't really for making friends... it's just going to be strictly learning. 
Oh god, learning. The professor finally came in and he's a very very fast talker; who also happens to not enjoy using a microphone and has no idea how to enunciate his speech. He introduced himself and the basics of what this course is going to be, we will be looking at cases and try to figure out the different dimensions of the law which have to do with each case. It's a full on jump into law and it's simply to show us exactly what being a lawyer entails. He also happened to call to attention people who hadn't officially signed up for class and then said my name out of everyone's and well, everyone stared at me and it was just wonderful since I was totttttallllyyy hiding under the radar now. We went straight into the first case and I'll be honest it was a little hard to keep up because of the German vocabulary and nerves. I found a lecture notes thing online though last night which I have printed out and am going to use for today's lesson that I think will help me out quite a bit. Class flew by and other than the insanely loud tummy growls my belly decided to let out, nothing went too bad. I made sure I ate something small this morning to avoid such things from occurring again. When class ended I tried to take a second to speak to the professor and tell him I'm actually in his class now officially but he is not a chatty fellow. It was kind of awkward and I'm worried he's going to be calling out my name again today... joy. 
Anywho, class ended and I found the rest of the day to be tiring and bland; I took a nap and took Sparcky for a walk and thought of how I really need to find time to study. That will hopefully be what I will be doing all day today. At night time it was our first Writer's Circle that Sandra invited me to. It was pretty nice being around English speakers however I have to say, everyone sure is a character. I also must admit I wasn't fully impressed with any of their pieces but that could just be because I don't like their reading voices or the place we were in was simply too loud to even hear myself think. Sandra wrote a simple poem everyone oozed joy over and yah, it wasn't too shabby. Then this girl named Heidi read a Batman Fanfiction out loud... uhm. ya. I don't really know anything about fanfiction writing or Batman but it was definitely on the interesting side. Her imagery was descriptive but a bit overwhelming at times and you could tell that she wasn't a native English speaker. Then, last but not least this girl who was from Scotland or Ireland, one of the two, took the stage to read her 'intense' novel. She was playing a character all night, she continued to gloat about being at this bar so often the people know her and she ordered three or four cocktails while I was there. Her novel wasn't horrible but the transition from philosophical word play to dialogue that oozed casual profanity was simply interesting. Her reading voice was also dreadful because she kept pausing at the wrong sentence points which made it hard to keep up. Sandra, Mike and I (at least I think his name is Mike, let's just call him Mike) actually had some pretty cool conversations though. We talked and argued over some pretty intense topics like Biblical meanings or the essence of Karma and I found it refreshing to hear other people's points of view over such contrivers topics.   

I headed back rather early and found myself waiting for my bim at Jakomini Platz for a good 11 minutes. These two rather attractive guys who just came off as complete players somehow found an interest in me and decided to come stand with me. I had my headphones in and wasn't really caring to converse with random strangers but the one with the lip ring was set on trying to crack me. When the bim finally came he asked where I was going to and I told him I'd be traveling to the end station, Krengasse. He and his friend decided to come along although I don't think they ever intended to go anywhere or needed to ride that way. I went and sat further away from them but they took the liberty of joining me, with hunky lip ring guy sitting smack across from me and there being no actual place to look but to the side. He was staring at me and I couldn't figure out what his deal was, why me? I was getting worried as to what would happen or if he'd say something more when the bus control came and asked for our tickets. It just so happens that the lip ring guy didn't have a ticket and he got a fine, the poor guy probably wasn't even meant to be in the bim and he got a fine for what? for following some weird chick to her end station. I felt kinda bad and had to leave them to catch my bus. All the way home I thought about the weird turn of events that had ended my night and just the weird times I'd been having lately in general. Everything has just been kind of weird. Anyway, I'm running late again as always so I will post something later tonight and let's hope today is just normal and casual and nothing too eventful takes place. 
Till then,
Stefanie xx


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