First Day Jitters

So it'll be a short entry today since I'm getting pretty tired and the sound of rain outside is making me want to do nothing but curl up and sleep for days. Today was incredibly exhausting, it has been quite some time since I found myself in a room full of students where I'm trying to concentrate and learn. The orientation was a total of four hours long which was just hell on my butt because the chairs were so uncomfortable.
It was really entertaining watching how the girls all scoped one another out, I felt so out of place in a sea of blonde or blue eyed people I was stuck with brown long hair and an American accent. I thankfully found a seat next to a really nice girl named Isabella who is a sophomore on the uni but had recently spontaneously decided to switch over from studying medicine to law. She knew the ins and outs about the Uni and it's always helpful getting to know people who can let you in on a few do's and don'ts. The first two hours were normal orientation mumbo jumbo. The professor went over the basics of the law program and answered any left lingering questions. After two hours finished, I ended up finding a way to get my name on the list and permanently enrolled for the classes which I need for this semester. That's an amazing bonus and totally made my day. After the break, we got to hear from three men speak about how their lives were affected by choosing the career path of following a law major. One was a judge, the other a medical lawyer and the other a criminal and social attorney. They all made me feel a lot more at ease regarding my choices and were actually rather funny. The rest of the orientation was boring and my head was starting to pound because of the four hours of concentrating on a language and the fact that I was wearing my glasses. Afterwards, I went to my first latin class where I was conflicted with whether or not to use my laptop for notes in classes. I've decided I'm going to start doing so starting tomorrow because it's the easiest way to keep up with the professors and learn German at the same time. I just really hope I don't completely wuss out tomorrow and find the balls to take my laptop out and type. I left a little early getting the jist of things and went to purchase my first textbook like thing which only cost me 5 euros. Hell ya to not spending outrageous amounts of money on textbooks and college materials. The benefits of going to school in Austria financially are pretty significant. I ran home and spent the rest of the day relaxing and trying to ease my way out of the headache. 
On a side note though, I am finding it easier for me to miss people lately, Jack is always out and about at night time which kind of ends the nights constantly lonely and Dilshika is far away and I simply miss her. I love that we still text and write about everything and that she's just such a good friend. I haven't really let myself admit I care about them as much as I do lately but I don't actually know where I'd be without some kind of social relationship. 
Now sitting here late at night and having a moment to think I'm starting to have a little faith in myself again that this might not have been the worst decisions and maybe possibly I can do it. At the end of the day at least I'll finally be learning some things which I've been seriously missing for the last year. College, I still can't believe I'm actually in college now. Tomorrow night is going to be really exciting and hopefully a good time, it's the writers club a.k.a. creative writing club thing that Sandra invited me to. It'll be super nice being around a few people at once that speak English and being able to discuss literature and writing, something I haven't gotten to do in an extremely long time. Today wasn't all too interesting and I need to remember to stop freaking out over things that are in the end going to be simply uneventful. Hopefully I'll have something more worthwhile to write about tomorrow night but this whole blogging about my day thing is really soothing. 
Till Tomorrow, 
Stefanie xx 


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