June 22nd 

I feel like this time around is just so challenging. Maybe it’s just more alone. It just is very isolating. Shay is having such a hard time and I’m desperate for someone to just tell me it’ll be alright. I call Daniel. I don’t know why I called Daniel. I don’t even like Daniel. I’m a little mad that I did that. I have therapy today at 10:30 and I need it. I’m just overwhelmed. 

I feel like I have no one to talk to. 

June 23rd

I’m closing up. I feel it, it’s like the oxygen is being pulled out of the room. This whole assistant drama is just really challenging me. I cannot seem to jump into anything and I cannot seem to give anything an opportunity. I’m petrified of meeting a stranger. I’m so uncomfortable with the idea of getting hurt. It’s making me realize how stifling it’s been just limiting my variables to such a degree. 


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