Lake Fulmor

On Monday morning Shay and I woke up early to drive south and head to our little cabin retreat in Idyllwild, CA. It's become more of a tradition for us to celebrate holidays or events with a trip away. At this point in our relationship we both mostly buy each other little gifts all year round so the perfect Christmas gift was to rent an airbnb and head away for a day or two. Since we're both such spastic people when it comes to scheduling our lives we honestly do best just taking a max of two days off at a time. We tend to plan a travel destination, leave before the sunrise and do basically every activity there is to do in the matter of twenty-four hours. 

After the freeways and past the morning traffic we started the incline up the San Bernardino Mountains and before reaching Idyllwild on the right side of the road is Lake Fulmor, tucked to the side. We're morning people and spend most mornings that we're off work, hiking so we took the liberty to get out of the car and hike around the lake for a while. It is getting cold up in the mountains now and in about a weeks time the area will probably be snowed in. We were able to catch some of the last sights of fall before snow hit.

Lake Fulmor is a small but beautiful lake that stretches around the mountainside and has a walking path leading you around the entire circumference of the lake. Forests are my favorite domain. I always feel so alive amongst the tall trees and colors. Fall tones were sitting in every corner as we walked around in the cold. Picnic spaces are found around the lake and there's beautiful bridges where fishermen post up for the day anticipating the catch of the day. It was around seven in the morning on a Monday when we went and we had the lake all to ourselves. 

Twenty minutes outside of Idyllwild, Lake Fulmor rests; the perfect pit stop for a stroll and the first stop on our little trip away. 

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