Gift Guide 2018 - From a NonBlogger's Point of View

I've had a blog for such a long time now and I started out writing on here with every intention of becoming a blogger. I've been reading blogs since before I can remember and before I became a blogger photographer, I thought everyone was always genuine with their content. Knowing a lot about the backhand of how blogs work now I know most gift guides are meant to create revenue for the blogger and really aren't things that everyday people are looking to buy anymore. I love looking at gift guides every year but I do see a stupid inflation of unnecessary presents that brands are paying to be promoted or girls and guys are throwing on their site to make commission. Well, this is my 2018 Gift Guide from someone who honestly has no foot in the door for blogging and doesn't care about the mumbo jumbo. If you're lost buying presents for people, here's an average person telling you what she'd buy for average people in her life. Also please note, the links aren't giving me any commission (I genuinely don't even know how to make that happen anyway) - they're just reference points. 

For the Women:

Gold Hoop Earrings - A pair of beautiful gold hoops doesn't have to be overpriced but can mean a lot to anyone; moms, daughters, girlfriends. It is the simplest statement that anyone can wear and a piece of jewelry always feels heartfelt. 

A Pair of White Sneakers - If there's one thing I've heard time and time again on blogs and magazines is that a pair of white sneakers can be paired with anything. I wear my shoes to death so I've always been afraid to buy a pair myself but every time I'm shooting a girl or walking around LA I always see everyone rocking a pair of white sneakers. I think you couldn't go wrong with a basic sneaker and rather than buying a trendy piece on someone's lust list, this is something people will wear for years. 

A Nicely Made Throw - Being someone who genuinely loves buying home decor something I can never justify spending money on is a throw. They're always so beautiful but the price point is never somewhere I feel comfortable paying. If who you're shopping for is into home decor, buy them a nicely made throw blanket that works with their decor; I can guarantee they'll deeply appreciate it. 

For the Men: 

A Few Pairs of Socks - Living with Shay has taught me a few things and one very important one is that men always need new socks. I think it's hilarious that once every few weeks I see my adorable boyfriend huffing and puffing around the house looking for socks. Buy the man in your life a few pairs, some for comfort and then throw in a silly pair that shows you put in some extra thought. 

Headphones - Tech is one of those things that everyone is obviously always happy to receive but most tech presents are a bit expensive and everyone has a preference. Don't step on anyone's toes (even though I genuinely cannot trust Android users) and buy the men in your life a good pair of headphones. You don't have to be a music junkie to want headphones these days; we're all watching youtube or listening to podcast for most of our days so splurge on a nice headphone set and for goodness sake make sure it's bluetooth. 

A Sweatshirt - This one is so obvious for me. Men look good in just about anything... especially a black sweatshirt. It's winter time, everyone likes being warm and cozy and if you're a girlfriend shopping for a boyfriend we all know that buying your man a sweatshirt means you're going to be able to steal it from his closet most days. 


A Fitbit - I have been wearing a Fitbit every day for the last four years. If you ever talk to me about health and fitness, it's the one thing I can recommend to literally anyone. Being self aware of how much you're moving is good for everyone on your Christmas list and it's a gift they can actually use. 

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