Lemon Pop Puffs

Today I witnessed my very first baking fail. I had browsed a few recipes for what to do with Pastry Puff Shells last night and came across this one here. I'm obsessed with lemony baked goods. I'm literally that weirdo that will choose the lemon flavor over any of the chocolatey goodness. Lemon Poppyseed anything is my guilty pleasure and it always baffles me when people go for anything else. So I decided to try to follow that recipe and in my tired haze wrote down that I had to buy lemon curd. Picked up a small jar and also all of the ingredients meant to make lemon curd, do you see where I'm going with this? Anywho, got home and started putting everything together when I realized I didn't have a stainless steal bowl. Lemon curd is apparently one of those fancy nifty things that you need to make with a double boiler or a pot of boiling water and a stainless steal bowl. Now since I'm lame and have only been living on my own for almost exactly a year now, I realized I did not own the obvious double boiler but I also didn't even own a stainless steal bowl. I did however come to this realization this morning when I needed either. Long story short my determined little self tried doing it with a normal bowl and stirred and stirred and stirred and hoped with all my little heart but nope, no lemon curd. 

Luckily, I bought the store bought kind (on accident, oy) and was able to still make the recipe without the nifty homemade vibes. I did try to zest it up a little with the powdered sugar and even rubbed some lemon zest ontop of the puffs afterwards but there's no way I can call this a recipe. You follow the baking instructions ontop of the back of the little puff pastry shell box and then when baked, let those puppies cool. Then grab your store bought lemon curd because you're a failure and didn't own the right tools to craft up your own and fill the little flipped in shells with your gooey store bought mess. Top with powdered sugar of defeat and shred some lemon zest ontop to give the illusion of managing to make this recipe your own.

I'm a little bitter, if you can't tell but these things are definitely adorable and sweet. Give the recipe a go, it'll give people the impression you're an artsy baker but realistically you just sold your soul to corporate business selling you homemade lemon curd in a pretty little tin. 

Happy Friday everybody x 


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