[It's not] Friday Favorites #3

Sorry for the delay in posting. This was my first weekend off (Well, technically I only had Sunday off) and I just wanted to enjoy the weekend with Shay and away from my normal schedule. Here are some things I was eyeing last week and this weekend. 

Dilshika and I have finally set a date to go searching for furniture at flea markets in mid January so for inspiration, I'm still oggling Pinterest and Etsy. I've completely fallen in love with this Apothecary Cabinet.  
Does anyone else find the idea of an ottoman or pouf to be ridiculously unconventional and useless? 
Me too, but darnnit why are they so dang cute? Look at this one!
I'm obsessed with the color and simplicity of this knitted cropped sweater. 
How rad are these prints from TheBlackVinyl? I can't decide which one I like more. I'm obviously drawn to the astronomy poster but for some reason that cactus chart is drawing me in. 
Wall prints are my sick addiction and yet, my studio's walls are still completely bare. 
 How is anyone not drawn to these judgmental looking cups? 
(Via: GusandRami)
This soap is made using raw organic coconut oil, fair trade coffee beans, vanilla and hazelnut. Aubrey from SkinFoodByAB does crazy amazing scents with some of my favorite ingredients. Who doesn't want to smell like heaven? 
(Via: SkinFoodByAB)
This belt. That's all. 
Free people posted an interesting article about soy lattes today, have a look

This lingerie set. And this one! I can't even handle the sexiness of this one!!! Dreaming of nice underwear while running the itty bitty titty committee. Sigh. 

In case you're wondering why I haven't lusted over anything moon themed this week, here you go. 

Also for my internship Val and I are signed up for a webinar by Katelyn James Photography which honestly has changed my entire photographic approach and editing technique after just three lessons. Her blog is also incredibly ever inspiring. Check her out!

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