Friday Favorites #2

I am swooning over the idea of finding an old, vintage white full length mirror. This one isn't quite what I'm looking for but the pipe lining is stunning.
Moons and Triangles are my weakness. These crescent moon lights would look so beautiful wrapped around a vanity or fireplace.
(Via: FreePeople)
This Moon Print for example, is stunning. I'm considering doing an entire wall of prints with different phases of the moon, aztec suns, and horoscope symbols. Ahh, that would be rad.
(Via: Fybur)
Basically everything Kira from FormMaker makes is absolutely adorable. These vases are incredible and those marble pen holders are so stinkin cute. I'm obsessed.
(Via: FormMaker)
Industrial Lighting Fixtures are my favorite. Also, check out this one!
Some more funky storage options.

I'm also constantly oggling beautiful bras and lingerie. This bralette's pattern is so intricate and beautiful and this Orchid Bondage Bralette is sexy but delicate.

If I had boobs, I would wear something like this every day of my life. 

Aside from industrial lighting, I think Marquee lighting fixtures are super neat as well. This wave one would look awesome in any studio or apartment and of course, this crescent moon marquee speaks for itself. 

I've also definitely been eyeing jewelry this week. Look at this Crescent Moon Ring from Vanessa Mooney. I've always wanted something from Regal Rose and this necklace is too beautiful to resist. They also make it in a choker form

Here&NowShop also do simple geometric pieces. 

Wasn't able to do much reading of blogs this week since all I did was browse online for christmas shopping so if you have any favorites, send them my way! Always looking for interesting articles, good reads, fun songs, anything really. It's finally Friday and Shay are going to try to cook up something sweet tonight for you guys. Crossing my fingers it ends up looking blog worthy! 
Have a nice weekend everyone x

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