DIY Projects I Actually Want To Try

This DIY Triangle Mirror is too beautiful. 
And this DIY Moon Phase Wall Mobile is stunning. I'm obsessed with moons and this would look stunning above my bed.
You won't believe that in a few simple steps you can make these DIY Coffee And Coconut Soap Sticks.
(Via: FallforDIY)
I really want to try these rad DIY Marble Dipped Vessels. One of the main materials is simply nail polish!
There's no way this DIY Hanging Leather Planter is this easy to make!
I also can't get over how simple but beautiful this Brass Curve Necklace is.

These are just a few DIY Projects I've been eyeing for around my new home. Once the Christmas Tree is put away and the money spending for gifts is over and done with, I can get back to decorating my space. I'm already anxious about how empty my four corners will be without the big brilliant tree. 

I just need to remember that Life is always going to be a work in progress and everything takes time.

Take a peek at all the cool sites these DIY projects are from, lovely ladies with lovely ideas. Also if you have some DIY inspiration, let me know! Some of these would even be amazing Christmas Presents so take the time and craft something special for someone you love. 

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