A Weekend Trip To La Jolla

I don't get out much. I honestly live a very simple life where I go to work, work out, eat, sleep and repeat. I don't really get the opportunity to go out and about as often as I'd like but unlike most people my age I'm a hardcore homebody. I just find being able to cook a nice meal and relax on the couch after a long week of work to be the perfect vacation. Dilshika and I decided to be spontaneous.. which for us means plan a detailed hourly agenda for a weekend away at La Jolla Shores, California.

Now we really don't ever do this kind of stuff. It was honestly the first time I've ever stayed in a hotel and was able to venture about a new town with my best friend. Overall, it was an experience that I will forever treasure but damn, vacationing is exhausting. The drive alone was a few hours time and something we seem to never plan into our schedules is the existence of other people. That sounds ridiculous, I know but we kind of forgot that there would be other twenty something year olds venturing about in our vacation town as well. I have a pretty hard time relating to people my age. I honestly rarely talk to anyone under thirty when it comes to my jobs and therefore I feel like a grandma half the time because I'm not up to date with the newest bullshit kids are into. This town was swamped with college beach boys and surfer chicks and then there was me and Dilshika.

So Saturday was more of a day of shock and it took us a bit to get into the swing of things. We did end up going kayaking which is so out of my element but ended up being actually pretty fun. We went with a group of people and they weren't my favourite but lesson learned - next time we'll kayak alone. The weather and the ocean was absolutely beautiful. The location itself is honestly enchanting. I love little towns where you can walk to the grocery store or a little cafe or take a little stroll on the beach all within a 10 minutes journey. Watching the sunset and eating good food was definitely a highlight.

The hotel was really cool too! It's so ridiculously lame but we honestly enjoyed having a huge hotel room for ourselves probably the most out of the whole vacation experience. We even opted to stay in the hotel with some dark chocolate bars and watched White Chicks on Netflix Saturday night. We're just that cool.

Sunday was meant for a early morning rise where we had incredible breakfast and a beautiful stroll on the shore. La Jolla is known to be a habitat for seals and sea lions so you get to swim with them and hang out with and these big lumps of sleepy mass just let you. They're friendly and cute and super interesting to just watch and photograph. We happened upon this little guy I have photographed and he was just my own personal little model. It was like he was smiling for the camera while basking in the sun and really just enjoying life. After an early lunch we decided to head back to the valley and stop in on Dilshika's grandmother along the way. The emotional experience surrounding that visit and the toll of driving back for ages just kicked our butts and we've been exhausted all the way into Wednesday of this week.

Vacationing is definitely something that requires a lot of energy and I usually just don't have that. I like traveling and enjoy seeing the world and am so glad I was able to do something like this but, I'm really looking forward to our usual Friday night routine of cooking something delicious and healthy and sitting on the couch with some of our favourite shows.


  1. La Jolla is really beautiful! I am living in the Netherlands now (I am french) but really misses Calfornia and all the sun, palmtrees, In'N Ou Burgers etc ...:-)

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I would love to go there ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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