A Weekend Drive

I had a day off today and my mind wouldn't shut up so I took the opportunity to take a drive. I don't get to drive my car very often which is such a shame because I absolutely love driving. I have this cute little silver convertible that is perfect for the California sun and I like to take it out and about and just drive around aimlessly on my days off because the freedom is so nice.

I didn't want to be alone too much today so I took my mom for a drive. I drove all the way to the beach for the first time and can now proudly say that I have cruised down PCH which is kinda awesome to be able to do. There's this beautiful little detour right before the Malibu mountains that connect us from the valley to the beach. It's a hidden Hindu Temple with absolutely breathtaking architecture and it's right in the middle of no where surrounded by nature and beauty. We stopped to take a peak and grab a few snapshots of the memory. A kind priest ended up chatting with us for a bit about the religious beliefs and the metaphoric resemblance the architecture is meant to evoke. The weather was just so perfect and beautiful and driving about with the top down and music blasting, freeing your mind and just breathing, god it was breathtaking. Just another little moment to remember and cherish.



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful little drive ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. This sounds so amazing! Can I please come & visit you and drive round the LA area? Literally my dream haha xx


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