December Glossybox

Lately it seems like these monthly subscription boxes are getting worse and worse. I actually ended up cancelling my Birchbox yesterday and now I'm contemplating whether or not I even want to keep this Glossybox one going. I really had high hopes for this month, it's Christmas and the holiday season is here. They totally could of provided some really awesome products that had to do with Christmas or at least not once again have the majority of the box be skincare. My Glossybox this month included: 

24H Aquabooster Serum 
This is basically a serum slash moisturiser that is supposed to protect your skin from the dry weather this winter season. It is promised to provide insane moisture because of the intense ingredients which basically include big words that personally I have no clue about. I am usually incredibly iffy about skincare products because my skin is very sensitive and I don't like pushing goop on it when it's not actually necessary. I didn't find this product very lovely and I think they even had something incredibly similar from the same brand last month. 

Re-Shaper Hair Spray by Sebastian Professional 
I actually have only ever loved my Glossyboxes because they provide such good hair products, last month they gave me a huge full tub of a Schwarzkopf Hair Mask but this month I wasn't too impressed. I don't personally use hairspray and will probably never get around to actually using this product. For girls who like the extra tease and hold, this is probably a nifty little spray can and the sizes are usually really decent when it comes to hair care products, so this little guy can go a long way. 

Renu Lip and Eye Active Lift 
Another skin care product that ended up being a dud. This little bottle is meant to be a sort of eye cream that acts to brighten and reduce the look of tired, dark circles around the eyes. I guess it's also a 2 in one where you can rub it around your lips to plump those babies up a bit. It contains Soy extract and Ginseng plus Magnesium. I actually had high hopes for this product and tried it out the day I got it, and it's been three days now where I've been trying to get under control the horrible breakout I got only in the spots I put the serum. My skin obviously didn't react too well to this product and it was really a shame because I don't have an eye cream and really wanted to try one out. 

Gosh Intensive Lip Colour
This little gloss wasn't actually that bad. It is a two in one lip product that comes out as a gloss but dries matte like a lipstick and it actually didn't dry out my lips or leave them feeling too glossy or any of that. I'm not a big gloss fan, I know every beauty guru under the sun has some kind of weird obsession with lip glosses. I'm just not one of them, I don't like the feeling of gunk being on my lips and sticky lip glosses genuinely make me sick. I just can't get over how gross I find lip gloss, but this product actually is pretty neat. When applied it is a rather sticky formula but the color payoff is brilliant and it even has a handy little mirror on the side for on the go application. I think the only downside to this product is the color, it is a beautiful pink with blue undertones but I kinda wish it would have been a more wearable color. If you're a bold lip lover though, these products are pretty dang good. 

Nails Inc. Victoria Nail Polish 
I love nail polish and there's nothing I love more than buying nail polish than receiving it for free. This is technically not free but you get my point. I was really impressed with this little addition, last month they provided an ugly pink color from some brand I'd never heard of and it had a horrendous formula that came off within seconds. But this month, the polish is a deep wine color (my favourite) and it actually is a really good product. It dries fast and lasts. It doesn't have the amazing power of Essie nail polish but for a little drug store brand, it's actually quite good. 

Cheap and Chip Moschino ChicPetals
This ended up being a little perfume sample and who doesn't love those? I think I've honestly started a collection with the amount of samples I have. I love changing up my fragrance and it's really handy having little travel sized samples to spritz on on the go. This scent is very feminine and fruity but it is really really lovely. I especially liked the cute little packaging it came in. Pretty decent product. 

So overall, this month's box was a two and a half out of five stars. It had some decent makeup products, some not too shabby hair care junk and then some skin care duds. I'm contemplating keeping my subscription going or cancelling it and using those €15 on products I actually want and use. I could basically buy a mac lipstick every month for the price of my Glossybox. 

What do you guys think? Are you subscribed to any monthly boxes? Have you been contemplating quitting? Let me know, down bellow! 

Stefanie xx 


  1. I literally just cancelled my birchbox and glossybox. I must say your glossybox was a hell of a lot better than mine!

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // My latest post ( Whats behind door number 21 in my Boots Beauty Advent Calender) // Vote for me in the #UKBA14

  2. I'm so undecided on whether to subscribe or not! Your products do look really good though! I've followed on bloglovin :) x

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