Sleepy springs


I drove to Palm Springs today for a shoot. Thrilling, thrilling seeing a new corner of life with just a short car ride away. I’m trying to adjust to the life without medication and it’s feeling a bit manic, volatile, colorful.
It feels like I’m seeing everything but almost seeing too much. Not exactly sure how to place my thoughts. It was a good day with a taste of bitterness. I need to wash my mouth and my face of these feelings. Sometimes I feel the emotions crawl into the frown lines on my forehead. I think that’s why I’m so insecure about them yet, also why I’ve been putting off Botox. I like living in my frowning crevices. 
Going through the motions. Beginning and ending. 
Manic conversations over baked goods. I promise to be the mother that bakes for her kids for the memory and the moments. I don’t feel doubt in that idea, I know that I act out of love. Lovely actions. Baked reactions.


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