Wildlife Learning Center - Sylmar, CA

The last week has been utterly and terribly boring and difficult. In LA, during the week between Christmas and New Years literally everyone is out of town and the entertainment industry is completely on break and shut down. I remembered last year being slow but this year I have been working and shooting almost every day the past few months. To not work for over a week was killing me and I was going stir crazy at home. 

Shay decided to help me tick something else off our bucket list and we went to the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, CA. We have always enjoyed going to hidden nooks around California that are retreats for different animals and places to learn and donate to. Even though zoos are beautiful places, going to a rehabilitation center for animals or a safe space for forgotten pets allows you to donate your money to the correct organizations and you're insured there isn't any harm or mistreatment going on behind the scenes. This place was beautiful and you could tell that everyone who works there genuinely loves each animal that lives on their grounds. Most of the animals were once illegally kept as pets and had to be surrendered because the owner wasn't able to take care of them anymore. 
It's heartbreaking to see some of their stories and you're able to read about each animal and get to know their personality while seeing them roll around and play. I had a special spot for Zeus, the little owl who actually happens to be blind. 
We did end up going the weekend after Christmas and right when California decided to be freezing cold and windy so we weren't able to stay for too long. We'll definitely make it back sometime soon and possibly even buy one of their activity packages where you're able to go inside the animals' cage and play with them one on one. Admission is incredibly affordable and I would definitely recommend anyone in LA to go and visit the Wildlife Learning Center. 


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