Twenty-Nineteen Goals

As I mentioned in my last post, I feel like this past week I've had more than enough time to reflect back on the past year and come up with some changes and goals for the next year. This was my first year being a business owner and although I've come far from where I was last year; I'm definitely not satisfied with where I am and want myself to grow more and get better next year. Some goals for the New Year:

  1. - Stay consistent with my health and fitness, take accountability and cut the bullshit. I've come a long way since where I was at the beginning of this year going to meetings and realizing that my relationship with food wasn't normal. I feel like I've gone up and down with struggles and have for a while now but it's about time I just stick to understanding what works for me; no more trial and error.
  2. - Understanding what my priorities are better. I feel like a huge lesson I've come across again and again this year is not understanding where my priorities lay. I allowed myself to feel out of control over certain people without remembering that the only two people in my life that should matter are myself and Shay. 
  3. - Work more and work better. I feel like in a sense this year was spent really understanding my craft and in a way that part sucks; I feel so compelled to go create only amazing content but I had to go through so much trial and error to realize what that meant for me. I want to work on being a good photographer to myself and work on myself often and always rather than comparing and retrying things constantly. 
  4. - Work relationships are work relationships. Again going off of the priorities situation, I just need to know when to leave work at work, even if I have a full-time business that is run at every hour of the day.
  5. - Take more photos for myself. Remind myself often why I love photography, post on here and also take a few snapshots that include myself in them next year. 
  6. - Photoshop. Photoshop. Photoshop.
  7. - Travel more. (like always)
  8. - Shoot at least one wedding next year. 
  10. - Be happier overall.
The next year is going to be an adventure. Every year thus far has been. I feel like so much of the last few years have been so challenging because I've taken myself so far out of my comfort zone. This past year I learned how to create and understand a comfort zone and now in 2019 I want to learn how to push myself to be the best version of myself. I'm not twenty anymore. I'm turning twenty-four in two months and I need to embrace myself as the person I've become. Next year I want to do more than I can imagine, work harder than I ever have and accomplish more than I've been ok with doing in the past. I'm excited for the new year and for a new year with my best friend and partner. Through every goal, I know Shay and I will grow stronger. We have a beautiful home now, we have our two baby girls and we can honestly get through anything and accomplish everything as long as we're together.

Thank you twenty-eighteen for allowing me to find out who I can be as a woman and as an adult. Twenty-nineteen is the year where I can truly begin to live as the being I am; the person I've always wanted to be is someone I worked hard to become. 

Stay tuned for a year of chaos, laughter, and work. 
Happy New Year. 

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