Halloween Recap

Today is November 1st and it's been exactly one week since Ziggy passed away. To think a week ago at this time I was driving to the vet's office at 5 a.m. is insane. We talk about him every day and can't wait to have his ashes home with us. 
Tuesday night Shay and I went out for a little Halloween adventure. There's a haunted house attraction one city over and we finally managed to go. It was honestly so much fun. After arriving early we managed to be the second people in line and waited to be let in. You're placed in a group of three couples and we were lucky enough to be the middle couple. The maze was terrifying and done so well. Shay held my hand and we wandered through while the first couple kept getting frightened and the third one too. Because we were in the middle the actors and attractions had to hide back to scare the next crowd so we dodged the fear almost every time. It was affordable and honestly so much fun. Just the right dose of Halloween Horror. 
Yesterday was Halloween and we spent a large chunk of the day with Shay's niece and nephew. The love we have for those two is so inseparable. We went to the large Pumpkin Patch and met up with them and their cousins. Shay's brother is currently expecting their third child. A few weeks back we got the news that the ultrasound had picked up on some abnormalities in the development of the baby. Yesterday they went back for additional testing and the news wasn't very good. It's a lot to wrap your head around. Shay and I talk about them every day and how life is going to change. A child with disabilities changes a lot of things and it'll be a challenge for everyone. 
This year just seems to be hard for a lot of people. It's been challenging and growing older leaves so much more up in the air. Work for Shay is up in the air, our families are going through so much in their own lives and life just keeps throwing curveballs. I'm hopeful and as optimistic as I can be. Shay and I are each other's foundation and as long as we're good, everything else is never that bad. We're lucky we have each other and that the year's hardships aren't directly focusing on us. 
Two more months of the year. Let's get through them and wait for a better next year. 


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