The Gentle Barn - Santa Clarita, CA

On Sunday we took another trip out to Santa Clarita. This time we had the chance to explore The Gentle Barn which is an animal rescue sanctuary where animals are brought when they have no place left to go. Many of the inhabitants were saved from slaughter houses and were loved and cared for at The Gentle Barn reintroducing them to a safe shelter to name their forever home. The Barn includes huge cows that you can brush, care for and hug; donkeys, horses, goats, sheep, an emu, a peacock, turkeys, chickens and some very sleepy very big pigs. 
It was super neat getting to be so up close and personal with these farmhouse pets and Shay and I really truly had a blast. The highlight of our day was surely seeing Biscuit the 1,000 pound pig take a mud bath and being able to brush the huge cows that call the Gentle Barn home. Similar to the Gibbon Conservation Center, it's an experience and a way to donate to a better cause. Again, if you're looking for something fun to do this summer, happen by an animal rescue center that's in your area. The experiences are unforgettable and will be a highlight to a summer of fun. 


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