Gibbon Conservation Center - Santa Clarita, CA

Last Saturday Shay and I went to the Gibbon Conservation Center a little ways away in Santa Clarita. Hidden in the middle of a patch of nowhere lays a small conservation center for this beautiful species of small apes. Gibbons are highly endangered and amazing creatures and it was such an incredible experience to join them in their play. The center has been open since 1976 and has successfully reproduced seven Gibbon. They are only open for a few hours every Saturday and Sunday and a tour is run for all those who come by. We opted to scope out the place alone but were able to read about the different kinds and meet all the apes during their play time. It's insane how unique these animals are. We were able to see one carrying a baby on it's tummy that was less than a year old, while at the same time there were some Gibbon there that were older than both Shay and I. 

Although Gibbons look playful and fun, there came a time around the beginning of the tour when suddenly they all broke out in howls. The entire place was rumbling with their chatter as they swung around and howled and jumped. It was insane and beautiful but incredibly eery at the same time. Imagine being caught in the jungle and hearing those ghostly howls. We watched them play and show off for us and even caught them enjoying brunch meals. Gibbons eat tons of veggies and different types of foods, rice cakes, flowers, fruits, basically they live a healthy lifestyle. Although some were very shy, others had no problem grabbing a veggie for each hand and foot and chowing down while we all looked on and laughed. Such a neat place and an experience unlike any other kind. 

Look up conservation enters near you for an activity to do this summer time, they're far more personal than going to the zoo and visiting usually allows the proceeds to fund the species and rescue efforts. We're planning a trip to the Gentle Barn this weekend and I'm already adding to my bucket list little enters to visit wherever we go. If you're in the LA area or are soon to be happening by, check out the Gibbon Conservation Center and learn about this special ape kind. 



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