The word of the day is Tohubohu 
meaning Chaos. Disorder. Confusion. 

A simple part of my mornings lately have been looking up the word of the day on my little dictionary app and learning something new. Wednesdays are chaotic for me. I think I've written about it before but for some reason Wednesdays always leave me feeling blue and annoyed. This morning's word of the day reminded me of Wednesdays; similarly spelled with odd mediums and ends, the two relate in a disorderly chaotic type of way. 

These pictures are from a time back when Shay cheered up my day. I was having an antsy morning, emotional and at work and with one text he made it better, "There's goats at the Ronald Reagan Library, let's go." A massive launch of loud mouthed little goats were transported and discharged to the outskirts of the Simi Valley mountain side. Their sole purpose was to lay in the sun and ingest. The fire dangers of the California heat were close to the presidential reserve so these little critters were sent to come chew and munch away the shrubs so as to not catch fire and burn. 

The first day we went we didn't see them, they blended in. A long hike left us searching and not seeing a single goat in sight. The second time we drove more up close and realized on our hike we were just disillusioned by the tremendous amount of little bites. Thousands of little heads poked around the field and from far away, the mass didn't even appear to look real. We got close and listened as they ate and they posed and though it was a time ago it was a memory worth living and feeling and remote. The goats are now gone, not sure why but they went like a ghost. The following week friends told us they went and had to go. They'd been shipped and taken back and away but I'm just happy that Shay and I were able to see them out for their full belly lay. 

Tohubohu a peculiar word for Wednesdays. 


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