This morning was welcomed with cuddles and forehead kisses. It's Friday and it's Date Night. The week is over and it wasn't too hard and now I wait until the end of the work day to go out to eat with my best friend. It's been more than a year now. More than a year of heart flutters and realizations and we're still able to laugh and smile. Our garden is doing so well and with the new summer sun we were able to pick our first tiny harvest. Squash made from our soil and our land. Shay had some for dinner last night and I'll be tossing some into my meals this weekend but I thought I'd take a moment to remember the significance of harvest. 

Harvest meaning the result or consequence of any act, process, or event. 

Some days when I'm feeling strong and confident in the person I'm becoming and choose to exist to be I feel like my old self was harvested and used up and gathered at maturity. Some days I feel like life is a series of harvested selves and that this new me isn't new at all but rather a leaf born from the same seed. It's important to relive and appreciate every harvest but it is even more important to strive for a fresh crop to grow. The result or consequence of any act, process, or event can bare a harvest however that harvest will always come from a similar version of you. 

Grow, progress, harvest, and begin again. 

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