I don't like myself or people enough to be social in the blogging world. 
Lately, I've felt disconnected from everyone I used to care about in my life and most days contemplate packing my car and driving away.
Truth: I have no interest in being internet famous. 
I like being invisible. behind the camera. unknown.
Truth: I like going on adventures more than I like photographing food I can't really eat.
I hate caring about how many people view my blog or leave comments.
I haven't gone to see my dog in over two weeks.
I didn't speak with my mother this year for Mother's Day and was unaffected by it.
I like exercising and eating healthy and going for drives to nowhere.
Sometimes I have so much anxiety I feel like I'm suffocating at work where no one else works, it's only me and my boss every day.
People don't see me.
I love taking photos but don't very much care if anyone else likes the photos I take.
I'm going to take a break from words for a while and from photos that aren't important to me.
Be back soon? 


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