The Old Abandoned Zoo - Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Shay and I like to go on adventures. We've been to quite a few abandoned ruins and hidden gems lost in different parts of California and this past weekend we found time to finally find the Old Abandoned Zoo. I'm not too picky when it comes to abandoned places, as long as it's fairly hidden and covered in cool artwork I'm usually pretty jazzed. Griffith Park is huge and finding your way to the park can be a little tricky. After reading a hand full of instructions on how to get to the zoo, my best advise to you would be just park at the Merry Go Round and stumble down a path, everywhere will lead you to it from there. I usually count on a hike before finding something abandoned but with this place it wasn't really the case. We stumbled into it within ten minutes of walking and since this 'hidden' zoo was so out in the open, the place was littered with people trying to take pictures for their Instagram feeds. Personally, I prefer places to myself especially if they're spooky and unique. The cages and ruins of the abandoned zoo were pretty neat but most of them you had to crawl into and they kind of smelled like pee. 

The better half of the experience was getting lost on the hike. Thankfully, Griffith Park also leads a beautiful hiking trail that's a few miles long. We wandered up the path and found the L.A. skyline from the top. Perched above the skyscrapers and with the warm spring breeze, the day was actually beautiful regardless of it's disappointing find. I've heard the Zoo be described as one of the best places to see in L.A. and personally, I do not think so but if you're in the area and want something interesting to see it's worth a stumble, I'm sure. If you do find time to go there one of these days, be sure to let yourself explore the paths and Earth and enjoy the stunning views. Shay and I walked and talked like we always can, he's my best friend and it's rare a day goes by where I don't learn something new with him. We teach each other and learn together. We're still looking for new places to see so if you know of anywhere unique or random please be sure to let us know so we can visit and take a peek! 

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