Yosemite Falls - Yosemite, CA

There are so many photos from Yosemite that are dear to my heart so posting them all in one big long post just didn't seem right. I've been sitting on these for over a week now and have been trying to figure out how to express this memory as best as I can. I've decided to go about it in intervals.  

Yosemite Falls was the first waterfall I'd ever seen in real life. A stretch of water pouring from deep rock crevices that sprinkled and misted and felt like breathing fire. Photography is manipulating the existence that you see with your own eyes to somehow reflect a memory on a small device. I always beat myself up for not catching what my eyes see perfectly but that's the beauty of actually experiencing life; the inability to relive moments entirely. The lush green trees mixed with fallen browns circled the falling white and looked like heaven. I'd heard that the falls would be crowded year round and the settling rain and foggy day let us explore with very few eyes. We tracked and walked and saw and the falls caught us, took us in. Shay and I are always looking to see more than what everyone else sees so after standing with the other tourists and taking in the view, we went behind the posted line and climbed. We rounded to the waterfalls edge where the mist hit us and we were close enough to breathe life. Too wet to take photos we just felt the rain on our lips and looked at each other as we saw with each other's eyes. 

An experience worth reliving. 

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