Tunnel View - Yosemite, CA

One of the most iconic spots of Yosemite is right after you pass through a long dark tunnel and find the valley's most incredible mountains lined up for an incredible view. This was one of the sights that first drew me into wanting to go to Yosemite and photographers far and wide have shot this scene with every different weather sight. 

The day we went our view was ghostly. 

Something I'm really not often to do is grow upset over an experience. I don't ever count on things to go a certain way and instead really just embrace whatever wave life decides to throw me that day. As we got out of the car and were lost in this view, whispers of disappointed tourists clouded the skies. The foggy abyss shadowed and hid most of the great boulders leaving a ghostly mist peaking through. I thought it was marvelous, haunting, green and grey. We stood and felt little. 

Nature is real, it's never the same, not once, twice or more and the fortune we have to experience as humans is far less note worthy now-a-days. I was able to see a beautiful sight, it was real and it was hidden and like life, never the same. An important note for travelers, sight-seers, and all is to accept the importance of everything we see everywhere we go because it may not ever be what you expect something to be but that doesn't decrease the value it can truly mean. 

Experience each wave, bright blue or even grey. 

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