Murphy's Ranch - Pacific Palisades, CA

On Saturday I finally was able to check something off my bucket list, Shay and I went and found Murphy's Ranch in the middle of the California wildlife of the Pacific Palisades. It's been on my list of things to see since mid last year and when I found out this amazing structure was being torn down, I told Shay we were going on an adventure. In the 1930's Nazi sympathizers build a refuge in the Pacific Palisades. At the time, Nazi activists build the site to wait for the third reich to rise and in 1940 it was shut down by American soldiers. Ever since, the site has been known to be haunted and was turned into a type of artist's lodge where the walls have been paved with spray paint and the ruins lay around waiting to be explored.  

Honestly, the day was incredible. I found my partner in crime. Tons of people were heading out to go see this trail and that just wasn't in Shay or my comfort zone. To avoid the crowds, we literally found a random staircase that led down and followed it. We were lost and it was beautiful. There were fallen dead trees and as he and I scraped our way through this forest, I learned how real it is to wander off the road everyone else travels sometimes. The day started off rocky with some uncomfortable tension between the two of us. We've had good days and bad lately and it took me stubbornly climbing up massive rocks and discovering no way down that I remembered my best friend was there holding my hand. 

He held my hand and didn't let me fall even through the negative tension. He never let me slip. We both got warrior scars on our hands and in that forest that day we kissed and it was beautiful. Surrounded by green and quiet, a toad began chirping and reminded us we're lost which broke our spell. We wandered further and found random amazing ruins and then somehow ended up at the backlot of Murphy's Ranch. Apparently the place is so controlled now that people aren't even allowed inside the structure anymore and since we came through the back, I was able to snap a few shots before a ranger shooed us away. The sky was beautiful, the hike was magical and it was one of those days that reminded me how lucky I am to be dating my best friend. 

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