Friday Favorites #6

I always like to find those oddball items in people's houses that are just weird but super unique. This lamp is awesome.
(Via: Anthropologie
I am obsessed with how cute these prints are. Cactus and Camera, oh my. 
This week I was roaming my house trying to find a place to jot down a grocery list. A cute notepad like this one would be so perfect to have laying around. 
Clearly we're all seeing a theme to my madness this week but honestly, I'd probably cry if someone made me something like this. I think DIY Valentine's Day gifts are the cat's pajamas. 
This wallpaper is just beautiful. I'm constantly being torn between white minimal walls or decking things out in amazing prints. 
(Via: AnewallDecor)

This made me laugh this week. I think I'm turning into a crazy cat lady.

Also, this has now officially been added to my bucket list. Imagine experiencing something that beautiful. I'm on the list to be notified for the 2016 event, who else is joining me?

This man is absolutely incredible. Ya'll need to take a look.

ForLoveAndLemons brought out their spring collection. I want THIS and THIS and THESE

Exciting new things are happening in my life. I got a new part time job this week and I'm shooting my first wedding of 2016 on Sunday. Shay and I are laughing again and even though everything is hectic, life is good. 

Enjoy your weekend everybody x 

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