Friday Favorites #4

I feel like buying a pretty bed frame is such an adult thing to do, it's probably at the end of my to-buy list for my home but this one from Urban Outfitters is so pretty and rustic. 
Hi. My name is Stefanie and I have a minor plant addiction. My mum and I are going to Green Thumb again this weekend and I will most likely keep adding to my little plant family. These hanging planters are freaking adorable. 

This skull poster. That is all. 
I don't think Shay would be too keen on my hair smelling like coffee since he doesn't even like kissing me after I drink coffee but I'm obsessed and it's a dream. This shampoo would be epic. 
I went a little crazy and bought tons of tea lights at Ikea last time I went and then when I came home I realized I don't have any tea light holders. These are absolutely perfect.
I wear mostly high wasted pants and I'm always wishing to have an awesome buckle belt to work as a statement. This one is absolute perfection and it may just be sitting in my shopping bag waiting for me to hit check out.
My walls are still bare. Completely and utterly bare. But when I do start decorating, I want to include something like this randomly in the mix. 

Ok, so this chair has already sold but is this not the absolute coolest piece of furniture you have ever seen? 

My little side room will one day become a vanity and makeup room, I am obsessed with the idea of wallpapering the entire room because I cannot stand the deep blue shade and this is what I'm dreaming of. 

My boobs are slowly but surely growing, thank you chest days at the gym. My boyfriends turkey tits are bigger than mine but for now, the itty bitty titty committee approves of this lingerie set. 

Also, Tegan posted about her indoor plants and helped me add a whole new bunch to my list of must haves, go read it here

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