Friday Night Grub

Dilshika and I decided to spend Friday night going to a healthy Mexican restaurant and grubbing down on some delicious food. I am running on little to no sleep since the puppy I'm dogsitting this week likes to keep me up all night so I needed some serious fuel to function. Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill is a restaurant dedicated to creating Mexican style flavours and combining them with natural healthy cooking. If you're into Chipotle or Taco Bell this place is a healthy alternative with a nutrition menu that is perfect for health nuts.

Shay is an even bigger health nut than I am and he's recently gotten me into counting macros. That basically means rather than looking at the calories in what I eat, I'm taking in the value of each product; calculating the fats, carbs, and proteins that will best nutrient my body. It's pretty tedious when you're first starting to figure it out but the difference in observing the protein, carb, fat ratio is so awesome. Sharky's has a nutrition menu on their website that lets you scope out exactly what is going into your body and let's you be in control of what's put on your plate.

The food was delicious. I ordered a Naked Chicken Tostado Salad which had spinach, steamed veggies, organic beans, guacamole, non-fat cheese, and pico de gallo topped on a whole wheat tortilla with organic poblano brown rice on the side. It was perfect and light but filling and gave me enough energy to function long enough to write this blog post. Dil came over to the house I'm watching for a quick movie and desert after where we indulged in some healthy ice cream and strawberries. I'm slightly cranky from my lack of sleep but seriously looking forward to a day with no responsibilities tomorrow. Shay is spending the night again and tomorrow we're going to adventure. I'm not sure yet what we'll get up to but I'm excited to get out and go experience something. This week has been almost too much normal for me and I'm feeling trapped in the suburban walls of my life.

Hoping for a sleep-filled night and a happy weekend.


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