Chasing Sunsets

This week has been full of stolen kisses and sunsets. It's Shay's birthday today and the beginning of the weekend. I celebrated with him last night and am spending the night with my best friend today, cooking and finding comfort in laughter and normality. This weekend I'm hoping to go to a few new adventure spots and shoot some photos of the days. I was planning on driving down to Santa Barbara for the weekend as a birthday present to Shay and staying there over night. It's weird, this limbo we're playing lately. It's only been two months but it feels like I've known him for years sometimes. Other times, I remember we're still just mere strangers and the realisation is haunting.

We communicate through song lyrics and hike to see sunsets. We're lucky. We're lucky to see everything we see every time we're together. We're lucky to drive and laugh and touch. We're lucky to have found someone to spend those moments with. It's endless skies with us. Always.

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