Sage Vegan Bistro

Friday nights are homie nights with my best friend. Dilshika and I are still huge foodies who will genuinely drive an hour to a go grub at a good restaurant. This past Friday, we drove to Culver City to try out a vegan restaurant known as Sage Vegan Bistro. This place is beautiful. The interior is modelled in a rustic vibe with gorgeous walls made of wood planks and a bar that was created to be seen. I'm still sadly getting over my phobia of using a camera in front of people so I settled more on my foodie pics but if you're ever in Los Angeles, this restaurant is an absolute must see. 

I typically don't care for vegan food since sometimes it lacks the right flavours but this place makes me reconsider all that. Their pizzas are absolutely delectable. We ordered a sundried tomato pizza and the barbecue pineapple to split. Both were phenomenal, melt in your mouth, eat me everyday all day type meals. We basically devoured those things. Afterwards, our Friday night routine of long catch up walks, laughter, and late work outs made me feel like I was home. Dilshika is home. She always will be and I'm so very thankful for that. 

Spending a Friday at home. 


  1. Mmm I love a good pizza! We need more vegan food places around where I live.

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

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  2. I am now extremely hungry. I loved your photography in this post too x


  3. great post ! beautiful pictures :)



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