Adding things up

Dating is such a strange game. As humans, we're awfully selfish creatures and with our selfish needs we acquire a certain taste for monogamy and answers. I go about dating awfully nonchalant where I have an open mind to most but simply am a realist and understand and realize that most of these suitors aren't going to stick. I'm a healthy pessimist who likes to over-analyse and over-rationalize to the point where my brief encounters begin to look more like equations than actual scenarios. So three dates plus two kisses equals not enough chemistry so two minus one equals me again. That sort of thing.

What happens when the dates keep adding up and the kisses become uncountable and all of a sudden the equation is looking more like calculus than your basic abc's? Up until now, I've been very good at staying lax and not putting too much heart into anything because most times it's silly to waste all that emotion on a fling. It's fun and nothing's serious and you're being a twenty something year old who is moseying around and figuring things out. Well, now I'm at a stand still because I'm thinking about days away from today and you're still part of my equation and rather than hiding from this silly arithmetic, all I'm really concerned with is whether or not I equal you?

Or if you equal me?


  1. I have this unrealistic, idealistic picture of love. Love is so heavily emotional, so maybe when you find yourself in love, you'll find that arithmetic won't work anymore. It's not logical and it'll break the rules that have been set. Which is why I haven't bothered to make a checklist of what "my type" is... -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Love this post, has definitely made me think. I'm also an overthinker and also think I may be too picky, but we have a right to be picky don't we?
    Amanda / Amanda's Escape


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