Take A Hike

Life lately for me has been so convoluted. A month ago I was apartment hunting for a home to share with a guy I thought I loved and today I'm tanned from silly dates and living a fascinatingly simple and surreal existence. I can't tell if this last month has been one weird case of irony or if it's just part of the path and this stuff happens to everyone. I'm having fun. I'm dating (who would have thought), I'm adventuring and taking photos again, I'm laughing more and I'm a little bit more than ok. 

This blog is slowly turning more into a documentation of photographs that matter and sentences that only make sense to my memories. I want to post more photos and less explanation. I want to tell you that I went on a hot summer hike in flip flops after work on a Monday with my best friend and dog and it mattered. Because it did. It mattered to me. It was beautiful and it was easy, and I wasn't scared to stop and snap a photo because the people I loved were enjoying the lenses too. I like how the light hits some photos just the right way and it makes sense. I want to post things that make sense to me because it's my change and maybe it'll somehow matter to you too. 



  1. Beautiful pictures!! It's so nice to appreciate the small things in life and share them in a beautiful way as you did with this pictures :)


    Seize your Style

  2. These photos are really pretty. Sometimes less words are better!

    The Runaway Journal


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