I'm a foodie. Like a hardcore, savor every bite, wake up in the morning dreaming about food, foodie. I'm the worst kind of foodie in every which way because my best friend is a foodie too. We will literally travel far and wide to find a new restaurant to try and I freaking love it. This week we decided to take a mid week drive to Venice and tried out a new restaurant Dilshika discovered called Gratitude Cafe. It's this quirky little tucked away cafe that has that whole hipster vibe with a healthy menu and some cute ambiance.

The experience was quirky and cute and fun. Their menu was basically constructed to be a positive, uplifting game where the top read I AM... and each of the choices were a positive adjective to describe oneself with. Their meals are 100% organic with a good chunk of mouth-watering choices to pick from. I'm a sandwich lover and so is Dil so immediately our eyes headed to that corner of the menu and we ironically chose the "HAPPY". I am happy. It is a Mediterranean raw wrap made with raw falafels, zucchini, cilantro, hummus, spinach, red onion, tomato, cucumber, harissa sauce, garlic tahini dressing, wrapped in a sundried tomato wrap with a side of hemp seed tabbouleh. Honestly, every bite was like tasting something new and incredible. It was so strongly spiced and pinched together so well, I have to admit, I was impressed. The sundried tomato wrap was something new and although it wasn't my personal favorite, I really just was so pleased with the entire meal. The restaurant was just so beautiful and positive and I would definitely recommend my readers to venture there too. Venice is full of really beautiful tucked away gems and Dil and I just were able to enjoy good food and adventure for the night. She scoped out some really cool little pieces too. She's going to be writing about those over on her blog so be sure to head over there and say hello. She's a blogging newbie so give her some newbie love and appreciation. 


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  1. This looks so scrummy, i love raw food - makes you feel good on the inside and for the animals! This is such a cute and positive idea for a cafe x



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