Tips For Tatts

Growing up I was always fascinated with tattoos and body art. I started wanting tattoos at a very young age and actually got my first one when I was 16. I've always been incredibly impulsive and had to make a few mistakes along the way to learn my lesson so, I thought I might share a few of my Tips for Tattoos. 

Tip #1 Overthink everything 
Think about it, then think about it some more and then keep thinking about it. Getting a tattoo is a big deal and before you make the decision of getting one you really need to think about it. I'm all for spontaneity and encourage it on a regular basis but when it comes to getting something as permanent as a tattoo - take it from someone who hasn't , overanalyze and think about it before going out and getting one. 

Tip #2 Getting A Bad Tattoo Is Not The End Of The World  
I feel like no one ever talks about this and it's this taboo subject but not all tattoos are great. I know no one likes to hear it but there's always the potential of getting a bad tattoo. If you do get a tattoo that you don't end up liking just remember to breathe and know it's not the end of the world. There are amazing artists that can do incredible cover ups and there's obviously the option of removing a tattoo. At the end of the day though, remember it's still a part of your body and it deserves love too no matter what happened.

Tip #3 Find An Artist You Feel Comfortable With
It has taken my impatient self years to find an artist that I can actually trust and enjoy fully. You want to find someone who is going to respect your wishes, take care of you and also help guide you down the right path. Tattoo locations or sizing and all that are things that your artist will know more about and talking openly with them can help collaborate and find a common ground and truly perfect a tattoo.

Tip #4 Healing. Healing. Pealing.
There is this little tiny stage of getting a tattoo that I feel people never acknowledge. Everyone is always either focused on the pain of actually getting tattooed or the aftermath of having a new addition to your body but a huge factor in getting a tattoo is the healing process. Similar to a sunburn or cut, your skin is going to have to heal from being imprinted on. Your skin is going to be incredibly sensitive and for at least two weeks you're going to have to take some serious care of making sure you're helping your skin heal. Talk to your artist and be gentle with yourself and make sure to invest time and care into your new healing wound. 

Tip #5 Own Your Tattoo, Don't Let It Own You 
Living in liberal California, I often forget that there's still people out there who will discriminate against you for your own bodily choices and I know it's super cliche but I feel like it needs to be said : It's ok that not everyone is going to like your tattoos. If you have a work of art on your skin or a drunken mishap brought on your tattoo, it's still your body and no one has the right to judge you for it. Embrace whatever happens and know that every part of you is beautiful no matter what others may think or assume. 


  1. Great post. Currently I have three tattoos, planning on getting my fourth soon! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Holidays!


  2. Lovely post! I have one that I kinda regret and kinda don't so I know what you mean! Xx

  3. Lindo post! te sigo en instagram


  4. Nice post! Love your tattoo! I'm following you on Instagram and Bloglovin and would love if you could follow me back.Happy holiday!

  5. Love your tattoo! And thanks for the tips! I've always wanted a tattoo and your tips really help. xx

    Colorful Closets

  6. Great tips, i have 3 tattoos and want more. I always think about mine for a long time before i get them as so many people get ones they regret. x

  7. I have four tats and I am just still loving them even if I have had them for the longest time. When I did get my tats, I had been wanting to get them for the longest time so I knew I wouldn't regret it! I am absolutely in love with your mandala, and is definitely something I would love to get someday! xx

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

  8. Really great advice! I don't know whether I could ever commit to a tattoo, as you said- it's something you should really think about before you do it! I'm so fascinated by them though, no doubt I could end up with some one day when I find the right design! x


  9. I am way too indecisive for a tattoo, deciding on dinner is enough for me! But good tips, think I have a few friends who could do with read this!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. I'd love to get a tattoo but just have never gotten round to it! Your tattoos are so beautiful


  11. This is great because for the past 8 or so months I've been wanting to get a tattoo done, but I am so scared and still uncertain as to if I want it or not!


  12. Digging that moon tattoo. Ive always wanted a tattoo, but just can't commit to a design.


  13. love your tattoos, I've just followed you on bloglovin', your blog is so lovely!

  14. These are great tips. Every now and then I think of an idea I could get as a tattoo but I'm never sure! I'm seeing from comments a lot of others are in the same boat as me lol! My sister just started getting Disney tatts and now she's covered in them..

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  15. This is an amazing post & amazing tattoo's! I really like tattoo's but I will be thinking of ideas for ones before I actually get one. I want to make sure I like it :)


  16. Great post. That tattoo looks so cool!


  17. Agree :) planning to get two more after graduation :)


  18. Great advice for anyone considering a tattoo! I love tattoos and think they're beautiful, but I wouldn't get one myself as it just wouldn't suit me, plus I don't think my skin would be able to handle it! x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  19. Great tips!

    Unfortunately I have a regret-tat which I'm looking into have lasered off - OUCH. But I do have two others which I love :)


  20. Great tips lovely, it's definitely a subject that I've never read about, so thank you for sharing. xx


  21. Tips two and four are so true, and very rarely discussed. With extensive tattoos, i have to say that this is a great list.
    I talk tattoos on my blog illustrated-teacup.blogspot.co.uk

    rachel xx

  22. I love this list that you've made, especially tip #5. I have two tattoos, but I would love to get more, but I'm always afraid that others will think I'm too old to be getting more tattoos. Anyhoo, thanks for the list, it really made me play around with the idea of getting more.

    -Elizadeath Taylor | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  23. Great tips here. Tattoos are such an addiction for me! :)

  24. Brilliant tips and advise espesh #4 as I do think thats something a lot of people forget about ! x
    I've always thought about getting a tattoo but Im not sure if I could hack the pain.

    Caitriona xx

  25. I also got a tattoo at a very young age (14!) However, I don't regret it, and I don't really notice it since its very hidden, and its just another part of my skin. I am excited to get a few more tattoos, I love them! xx

  26. I haven't gotten a tattoo yet but its been on my mind a lot lately. I've actually been told by a few people who have tattoos that I shouldn't overthink it and I should just be spontaneous. I may be chronically indecisive, but I think I feel pretty good about taking my time on this one. I appreciate all of your advice and will definitely refer back to it if/when I decide to take the plunge.

  27. Great post! I have two tattoos, they're two years apart -- that's how long it took me to be sure :)


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