Soap & Glory Sugar Crush : Fresh & Foamy Body Wash

Taking a shower can be such an amazing experience. Whether it's after an intense smelly workout, stressful course of events, or just to tame the garden and hedges; showers are bloody amazing. I'm a shower kind of girl, I don't have a bathtub but even if I did the effort of drawing a bath and laying in my dirty water while I gush over flower pebbles and scented nonsense from Lush just isn't my style. I don't have the time to be that girly and fussy with my watering routine but I do like feeling fresh, silky, and feminine. I just prefer it under thirty minutes. I have a hectic lifestyle and I usually am either rushing into the shower in the mornings or passing through one before I pass out after a night run so when I took a whiff of the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash I was sold. 

This stuff smells amazing. It's a sweet lemonade scent with a pow of fresh lime that wakes up your entire body as soon as you get to scrubbing. It has a creamy consistency similar to Soap & Glory's other amazing products and a little goes a long way. It moisturises and nourishes the skin beautifully. The California heat has been doing a tole on my shoulders and arms but this scrub has kept my skin feeling silky and smooth. It's also foamy and I love how luxurious foamy body washes feel because you get to have the bubble bath experience without wasting any time! It does have a stupid high price tag for us Americans but the 16 bucks will buy you a body wash that's going to last you ages. It's the ultimate singing in the shower scrub a dub dub wash and ya'll need to pick this bad boy up right away. 


  1. I wish we could get S&G easily in Portugal ! I have their bronzer and I love it! I would love to try their body products such as this one! Seems to be amazing xx

  2. It sounds like it seems very summer-y, which is nice and fresh!

  3. I sooo have to try this. I hope I get a summer job now, otherwise my ever growing wishlist is never going to be shortened.
    www.emilybelleblogs.blogspot.com xx

  4. Sounds lovely! I think I probably take it for granted how easy it is to pick up Soap & Glory products in the uk!
    Faye| freckles-and-all.com

  5. Great photos, Stef!

    Every blog I go onto, someone is raving about Soap & Glory. I NEED to get my hands on some of their products!


  6. I love this product so much, it smells soooo yummy!!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  7. I'm using this right now (almost out!) and agree with you that it's a lovely wash and smells good but $16? Wow..

    Chelle x

  8. Soap & Glory is sooo good! I use this everyday, a little definitely goes a long way and it's the perfect think to wake me up in the morning :) Have you tried any other products by them?

    Love Lo at Notebook 54 :)


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