The Proposal - A Look Into How I lost 80 Pounds

Lately I feel like all I ever hear anyone talking about is some new diet craze or how they're suddenly juicing away their donuts or some other fitness diet plan hooha that lasts all of one month to fit into some skimpy bikini and somehow call that progress. Most people who shed any weight before summer gain all of it back come winter and it's just a constant cycle of unhealthy behaviour to somehow achieve a 'worthwhile' lifestyle. Now, I'm really not one to preach and that's why I've never found it my place to open up and tell you guys about my fitness routines or weightloss goals and all that positive mumbo jumbo. For most of my life I was heavily obese and had insanely horrendous eating habits. I could not run a mile for shit and I would make up sick excuses to get out of it whenever the idea of exercise came about. I tried every diet on the market, heck, I grew up in LA where diet crazes were as frequent as Kardashian marriage proposals and nothing ever worked which was obviously the diet's fault and never mine. 

Well I'm not that girl anymore and I have managed to loose 80 pounds in the last year and a half and I've managed to keep the weight off and continue on with a new lifestyle. Now, wait a minute. I can literally feel you rolling your eyes at the slur of cliche words that you are just waiting for me to say and yeah, I was sitting there doing the same exact think not too long ago. I always thought skinny people were skinny and I was just meant to be fat. Oh, excuse me; not fat, I was curvy and big boned and chubby and it wasn't fat that my body stored, no it was genetics and definitely not that burger I ate the night before. I liked food and I liked being lazy and I didn't want to change but I wanted all of the rewards. I work out at least five times a week now. I eat as healthy as I can and I still have slip ups where I binge on a bit too much food but I never look at anything as a fall back because I keep my head held high and I make it better the next day. It was not easy, it still isn't. I will never see myself as a skinny girl and losing weight always seems appealing to people but it's also incredibly surreal when you come to face lovely moments such as when people who didn't give two fucks about you suddenly show you interest. Weight loss is such a long and hard and tedious journey and I'm impatient and I get frustrated easily but I'm still here and I've come a long way. 

Anywho, I was actually just writing up this post to review granola bars but it ended up being a sort of proposal. I would love to share my journey and tips and help others achieve what I have but I'd like to know you guys would actually want to read something like that. It's probably going to be a whole lot cliche and I'm going to try to be as honest as possible (chafing thighs and boob lossage included) but I think it would be kinda neat to tell ya'll about some of the foods I eat now and my workout routine and yadayada. So let me know what you think, in the comments down bellow tell me about your experiences, what kind of posts you'd find helpful and whether or not you'd enjoy reading some entries into my 'journey'. I'm still not a size 2 and I've still got big hips but I'm a long way from who I used to be and I'd like to start talking about it. 

Stefanie xx 


  1. 80 pounds is so impressive! Congrats and keep up the great work! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  2. I'd love to see posts about exercises you do or what healthy food you eat and just generally your experiences! :) xx

  3. I would love to read a fitness post with tips and so on. This post was so light-hearted and funny and I enjoy reading your blog. 80 pounds is so impressive so well done!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  4. I would love to read what you have to say about fitness! I'm getting into fitness because I've unhappy with what I have been seeing in the mirror lately, and anything you have to offer would be loads of help! :) I'm really happy for you, and hopefully I will have reached my goal within a year, and will be able to keep everything off!

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

  5. I would love to read about your fitness tips and food ideas! I am trying to loose a little bit to become more healthy so it would be nice to see your take on it all! Congratulations on loosing all that weight, that is so impressive!


  6. Yes I would definitely love to read about your weight loss journey. I'm trying to lose weight as well. Maybe I can use some of your tips.

  7. wow congrats on the 80 pound weight loss hun x
    Melissa | The Inked Blonde

  8. Hi! Big thanks for this :)
    I am also 19 and I have been in almost the same situation as you. Last summer I lost weight and I have managed to keep fit during the year, which, as you says, is not easy.
    I hate those post about how to get fit for the bikini ("operahttp://porcelainshree.blogspot.ca/ción bikini" we call it in Spain), because they don't really show what is behind the gym or the diet. I think (or at least this what my process has made me think) that there is a lot of psichological work behind everything. I have a theory: the easy part is loosing physical weight (although of course has its difficlties). Losing weight in your mind, seeing you in a different way (thiner, healthier, not as the fat girl of the class), that is the difficult part and the one noone usually talk about.
    I would love you to write more posts about your story as this one, they could be inspiring for those who want to follow your trucks and also for those like me, who are still in the process and might want someone who is sharing their same situation.

  9. Wow that is really a great accomplishment, well done! I love this post, your writing is so lighthearted and fun to read, as well as inspiring :)

    Morgan // www.blushingwit.com

  10. wow, this is amazing!
    Emma xx

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  12. Please talk about it! This is so inspirational and I've been trying to lose weight (NOT to look extra skinny) but just to be healthier because I know my lifestyle is pretty crappy. It would be amazing to hear your story! xx


  13. I absolutely love the way you write, it's so light-hearted and easy to read and always makes me giggle! I'd definitely love to hear your story, I've been kind of stuck at the same weight for a bit now so need all the inspiration I can get!

    Love Lo at Notebook 54 :)


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