Mac's Boldly Bare Lip Liner Review

I have tiny lips and I know one of the big beauty secrets out there is to bend the rules a little and overdraw your natural lip line to create a more plump, full pout. Now, I've tried this a few times but it never quite ended up looking how I wanted it to. I basically just resembled a clown and not even one of the nice kinds.. more like a modern day joker. So there went that and I never really thought about it again. 

That is until I found Mac's Boldly Bare Lip Liner which is by far one of the most user friendly and natural looking liners I have ever come across. The colour is very opaque and a sort of dusty mauve shade that really genuinely is a natural lip colour. This colour is perfect to line your lips and overdraw without looking like a monkey. I use this lip liner with every lipstick I own now because it not only works as a beautiful long lasting base but I also get to cheat the system and fool the naked eye into believing I have a natural full pout. It goes on very smoothly but dries to a steady formula that does not move. I have added other colours ontop of this and while those lip products may fade out after talking a bunch or eating and drinking, Boldly Bare stays put. It allows your lips to still have some vavavoom throughout  a busy day. 

It's really just a confidence booster and lip liners last for ages so this is going to be a staple in my everyday routine from now on. I've fallen back in love with Mac Cosmetics lip products so I'll most likely be trying out some more liners and lipsticks in the upcoming weeks but for now, if you don't own this shade already, I highly highly suggest you pick it up because it is just beautiful and worth every penny. 


  1. I have two lip liners, I need to start using them more!

  2. I love lipliners, they are amazing, especially the mac ones! This shade is on my wishlist!
    xprincessjas | xx

  3. I have it! I have it! :P It is indeed really good! I'm looking for a lipliner to put as a base for red lips! Any suggestions especially for dark red shades?

  4. Oh good idea - I always feel a bit odd lining my lips as well but maybe I need to give this a try! :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. I've never been a really big fan of lip liner, but I might give them a try. Thank you for that ;)



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