November Favorites

I cannot believe November is already over and the last month of the year has begun! This time of year we all start to think back over the past twelve months and wonder how far we've truly come since one long year ago. I myself will be the first to say that this year went by rather quickly, it was a hard year with many personal challenges but I have grown more in these past twelve months than I have in my eighteen years of living. I welcome the start of a new year and hope that 2014 will offer me some better days and good memories to look back on. As another month has come to a close, I find that now would be the time to share my November Favorites with all of you. 

I've been trying loads of new skincare products this last month trying to find the perfect combination to get my breakouts under control and to thoroughly cleanse my skin. One of my new favorites would have to be this Ocean Salt Cleanser from Lush. It smells amazing, has powerful natural ingredients including vodka, organic lime juice, avocado butter and of course sea salt. The mixture helps get deep into my pores, cleans up my black heads, and has been controlling my breakouts. Overall, it's a pretty dandy little pot. 

I had heard amazing raves for the Macadamia Hair Products and finally decided to buy myself the Healing Oil Treatment. This amazing hair oil smells like heaven and a little product goes a long way. I just pump a little bit into my hand and work most of the product into my split ends and then swipe the rest through my long locks to leave them feeling healthier and looking a lot better. It has already shown significant improvement in my damaged ends and hair's overall texture.

You guys must be getting sick of how often I've mentioned this product in the last month, I even did a full on review of it so I'm just going to say here that it's an amazing primer that lasts all day, clears my skin, and has boosted my confidence. If you don't own this by now, then what the heck are you waiting for?

This brush came with my Real Techniques Core Collection and it is by far my favorite of the bunch. I find it to be dense and works amazing to apply my liquid foundations. I never trusted a brush to apply foundation because they usually leave my face looking streaky and soaking up far too much product. This one does just the opposite, I feel that it coats my foundation evenly all over my face and leaves an almost air brushed finish. It's beautifully made, doesn't shed, even covers my blemishes with only one application, this brush is simply amazing!

The cold weather has left my lips dry, chapped, and at the brink of completely bursting open. Some days I even wake up with them bleeding and no amounts of chapstick have helped soothe them. I took measures into my own hands and picked up this pink gem. It smells amazing, tastes even better, and you're literally rubbing sugary sweetness on your lips to make them smoother, healthier, and softer. I will say it was a little pricey but there's a lot of product and it'll take a while to get through the whole jar. Overall though, it works! It has improved my lips and left them even feeling a little more plump. So I say jump on the bandwagon with me and pick yourself up one of these Lush Lip Scrubs too!

This concealer is my new holy grail item. It covers up even my most intense blemishes, and if you're self conscious about acne scaring or your skin is going through a rather intense break out, this concealer is perfect to use! It is fairly thick but doesn't feel too heavy or cakey and still gives my pores a little breathing room. I lightly dab this on with my ring finger and then blend it in with my Real Techniques Setting Brush before setting it with powder. It stays on all day, perfects my makeup flawlessly and leaves me feeling so much more confident about my skin. If you're looking to invest in a concealer I would definitely recommend this one.

What were your favorite products last month? Let me know!
Stefanie xx


  1. Ooh Ocean Salt sounds fabulous. I think I need to have a trip to Lush very soon!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. That LUSH lip scrub is amazing, love it. Have you tried out their Mint Julips lip scrub? Really like that one too :-)

    Love, Christine♥

  3. I have the pore minimiser from The Body shop too, I love what it does but I just can't stand the smell lol, xoxo.


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