Cheeky Purchases - Lush, The Body Shop, and more

Ocean Salt Cleanser - Lush €11,95 
Bubblegum Lip Scrub - Lush €8,95 
Tea Tree Water Toner Sample - Lush (free) 
Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes - The Body Shop €8
Tea Tree Oil - The Body Shop €12 
Real Techniques Core Collection Kit - Amazon €25,15
Bobby Brown Eyecream Sample - K&O (free)
Balea Dry Shampoo - DM €2,95

Today was definitely a day of cleansing, I went into the city with a good friend of mine and decided to reward myself with some purchases that are a little pampering. These past two weeks we had been studying almost everyday for a major exam we had on Friday. After the anxiety, hardcore studying, and endless amounts of coffee, I thought a day of shopping was well deserved. Rather than going for beauty goods however, I decided to buy myself some skincare products I've really been wanting.

We ended up going to Lush and most of you are probably familiar with the overwhelming need to purchase absolutely everything in one of these homemade goods stores. The sales woman who was helping us was super sweet and she helped me pick out two things that will hopefully help clear my skin up and make it completely blemish free. She helped me pick out the Ocean Salt Cleanser which is great for oily and blemish prone skin, it's a wonderful mixture of products such as ocean salt (duh!),  fresh lime extracted in vodka, and fresh avocado butter. It smells amazing and I'm really hoping I've finally found the perfect cleanser for my skin. She also gave me a Tea Tree Water Toner Sample which I've heard great things about but wasn't completely sold on just yet. I've never used a toner and since my skin does break out easily from face waters I got a sample to try out for the time being. It's supposed to wake up the skin and with just a few spritzes help oily, dull, and spotty skin look refreshed, beautiful, and bright. Lastly, I finally picked up something I've been dying to try and due to this cold weather have really been needing - the Bubblegum Lip Scrub. I see so much hype for these lip scrubs all over youtube and the blogesphere and ever since I've noticed how dry and cracked my lips have been looking, I decided to see if this could somehow work magic on me too. I already tried this out once today and only after one use I've already noticed a difference in my lips. It feels amazing and tastes yummy too and I can see how just after one scrub all the dead skin on my lips has been scraped away leaving them soft and smooth. I'll most likely be writing a review on this product sometime soon so keep an eye out for that. 

The other half of my shopping mostly took place in the Body Shop. Ever since I purchased my Tea Tree Pore Minimiser (review here) and found that it worked such wonders on my skin, I've fallen completely in love with the store. I received a €5 voucher the other day and so today after picking up my Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes and Tea Tree Oil, I only ended up paying €10 euro for the bunch. I love stores that sell great products for such affordable prices. As you can probably tell, I'm on a tea tree kick as of lately and couldn't resist trying out the Tea Tree Oil and Cleansing Wipes. They're both for blemished skin and while the Cleansing Wipes sooth and get rid of that extra oil and dirt from the day, the Tea Tree Oil is used to focus on specific spots and dry them out, making your skin blemish free in no time. I'm really looking forward to trying them both out and possibly liking them as much as I do  the Pore Minimiser. 

Lastly for miscellaneous purchases, I finally picked up some dry shampoo again. I opted for the Balea Dry Shampoo because although it does leave a white wash on my hair when spraying too close, it's affordable and does the trick. I'd used up my entire bottle before and although I tried more expensive alternatives, I found this one was the best for my hair type and refreshed my day two and even three hair each time. I also was given a free sample of the Bobbi Brown eye cream at the Bobbi Brown Counter in K&O. I see rave reviews for this product everywhere.. but it's just so dang pricey. I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics but they are definitely on the higher end of beauty products. For a whopping €40 for a small glass of product, I figured the sample will just have to do for now. The only problem is I'm absolutely horrid with samples, I always find myself never using them because I fear I'll just end up loving the product so much that the little sample won't be enough. I guess that's what companies want to happen but it stinks when you don't want to actually hash out that much cash on one product. 

To finish up this insanely long post, I just had to mention that my Real Techniques Core collection Brushes finally came in the post today! They're basically amazing and I'm more than excited to use them tomorrow and welcome them into my everyday makeup routine. All in all, it was a refreshing shopping day. I picked up some things I've really been wanting and am looking forward to trying everything out. 

Have any of you been to Lush or the Body Shop Lately? What are your favourite pampering products? 
Stefanie xx 


  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

    I love Lush Bubblegum lip scrub - perfect xmas pressie! :)



  2. lovely post ! would you like to follow each other doll :) xx


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