Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Review

I am always insanely self conscious about my skin, I've had break outs and acne and all that jazz for as long as I can remember now. I'm never satisfied with my skin, even when I don't have any pimples my pores just make me so self conscious. I always feel insanely guilty because I use a full coverage foundation plus concealer and powder and just a lot of make up ontop of my already suffering skin. I have been getting a lot better with my skincare routines and have been moisturising but something I still hadn't got around to purchasing was a primer. Primers are used to smooth out your skin so that you have a nice smooth area to work with and it also makes your makeup last longer because it keeps your skin from soaking in the makeup so quickly. When I saw that the Body Shop had this little gem, I genuinely ran out and purchased it the next day. It is a Pore Minimiser that works as a primer and is said to be 'suitable for blemished skin'. The little bottle reads that it should make your 'pores look smaller, skin feel purer' and 'smoothes, primes, and instantly mattifies'. Compared to products such as the Benefit's Professional Primer which is close to being €30, this amazing green tube only costs €10. I figured since I'd never tried a primer, I would purchase a less expensive one from a well known brand before taking the plunge and actually investing in something a bit more pricey. I think however, after using this for only a week, I've come to the conclusion that I'm just absolutely in love. 

This primer has done wonders for my skin, it melts into my skin and helps it breathe and it makes my make up look amazing after a full day of work, Uni, and even a nap. It does have a very strong scent as it is a Tea Tree product but after a while you really get used to it and since it does such an amazing job for my skin and makeup,  it can smell horrible and I think I'd still use it. It is a yellowey colour which when rubbed into the skin, blends in perfectly. I think I'm about to jinx myself but ever since I've started using this product, my break outs have been so minimal my skin is practically clear. I've even noticed a reduced number of black heads and that's just amazing. Who would have thought that something I use under loads of makeup can actually help clear my skin? This product is also really mattifying and my oily skin has been completely under control. 

Overall, this product is wonderful. It does everything is claims to, it does reduce the size of my pores, it soothes my skin, it works as a wonderful primer to a full face of makeup, and the effects are noticeable! I will definitely be repurchasing this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good primer that doesn't break the bank. 
Have any of you tried this primer or any other great primers? 
Let me know down bellow. 

Stefanie xx


  1. I like the review and I agree with you - Tea Tree products can have a scent but I have a few and have learned to like it just because the product is so worth it. I've been hooked on a Rimmel primer for years now - $7 and can't really beat it at the drug store. It's the Fix and Perfect Pro primer and I love it. I used to struggle daily with really angry skin until I finished up with Acutane treatment. I'm glad you found something that works for you because there's nothing worse than a makeup lover who is constantly self-conscious - I've totally been there!

  2. i love the tea tree range from the body shop but i haven't tried the primer before. i might go to the body shop tomorrow and have a look at it. love the toner and cleanser. they did so much for my skin.



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