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Hey guys, long time no chat! Since last writing on here so much has happened. Shay and I moved into our new place a little over two months ago and life has been hectic! We moved in with barely enough things to fit two car loads and so the journey of buying pieces and decorating has been a long one. I've honestly been so focused on putting together our little place that I thought it was about time to share some parts of it. Home decorating is something I'm insanely passionate about and it's my little secret obsession. I'm lucky enough to have a partner who has similar taste and we both really enjoy making this new apartment feel like home. 

I wasn't sure where to start so I decided to begin with what you see when you first walk in.  Shay and I are both very savvy when it comes to saving money and we've actually been diy-ing a ton of things for the home. I love the vintage wicker/rattan trend and incorporating wooden pieces into the home as a boho touch. I've been looking for pieces on etsy or even furniture shops and some of these are a couple hundred bucks which isn't in our price range right now. We're both young, this is our first place together and we're not in any position to be spending a couple hundred on anything at the moment so every week or so I go to our local Good Will and literally do a walk in just to scope out their furniture section. I keep an open mind when I go to secondhand stores and look at any piece with the idea of repurposing it. 

Last week, I did my usual drop in and saw this incredible wooden book shelf priced at only $15. I bee-lined to the cash register, paid right away and then squeezed this big guy into my Prius. I drove it home and pulled it into the apartment, taking at least ten 2 minute breaks before finally getting it through the door. This thing's pretty heavy but it's amazing and sturdy. I just saw so much potential and for fifteen bucks, it would have been ridiculous to leave it behind. 

So now our little entryway nook has been filled. The beautiful wicker book shelf frames its corner and is empty for the time being. We don't have too many things and I don't like to buy random nicknacks just for the sake of it so the shelf will be filled over time with memories and definitely some hanging plants. I've been on pinterest looking for inspiration but I wanted to share this awesome find and see what ya'll think. How would you decorate this shelf? Do you like the wicker/rattan trend?

I'm going to start posting more about our home and sharing images or DIYs. I'm excited to just brain dump some of my thoughts on here and it'll be awesome to document the journey along the way. Looking forward to sharing the next ten months of this apartment with you all. 


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