Kayaking At Bass Lake 10/25/16

This past weekend was honestly incredible. For two people who depend on our schedules, Shay and I never have an easy time doing something out of our comfort zone. He had a hectic week at work last week and I had all kinds of crazy thoughts about spending the day up at Bass Lake with his entire family. With both of us anxiety ridden there was honestly no telling whether or not we'd enjoy the day. After an early morning drive and a trip down to the lake; the air, the trees and the company reminded me how beautiful life could be. I can honestly say that this past weekend was one of the most breathe-taking experiences of my life. It wasn't hard. It wasn't easy. It was real and beautiful and intoxicating. It felt incredible to be alive and I cannot feel more grateful for being able to experience that magnificent day. 

Our greatest moments happen spontaneously so when we saw a few kayaks out on the lake, Shay looked up rentals and about a half an hour later we were driving to the shore. We spend most of our week days working so if we're going to adventure out on the weekends, we're going to live every moment as best as we can. We're adventurers and I was absolutely stoked when around the bend Shay's mom and Rob were in the car behind us coming to tag along. We got double kayaks, one for us and one for them and headed out on the water to paddle, laugh, and breathe in the fresh clean air. The weather was perfect. The water was perfect and the scenery was to die for. It was incredible and I'm so glad I was able to document a little chunk of the feelings that day.


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