Passion Play

People always speak with such certainty when it comes to their own definitions of passion. It is preached time and time again that passion is an experience that is meant to be felt and touched at all hours of every day. For me, a person who likes to feel everything and nothing, I openly rejoice at the absence of passion in my every days. 
Passion is something that I revisit in the darkest ways and reinvent in my deepest moments. Passion for me is photographs of trees and dark settings, light bouncing off of landscapes that circle around a memory like a whisper. My passion is deep, painful to the extent of air and when it finds me my mind spins on the thoughts axis until my bones are bare. 
Others whimper and sigh when their lives lack passion. When life lacks passion, it's the best time of all because the fact of knowledge is that one day your light will glow again and the world will ignite with a short or timely burst of passionate play and you'll be able to experience and relive a new certain way. 
A lesson. A thought. A passive aggressive ache. 
Stop trying to capture a feeling that is meant to set you free. 



  1. So glad I came across your blog, loved reading this post.

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. You write so well, looking forward to seeing more from you 😊

  3. Love your words!



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