Pull Apart Pizza Muffins

Shay and I have a pretty strict diet all week long so when Friday comes around we are able to squeeze in a cheat meal. This past Friday we made amazing Pull Apart Pizza Muffins. Both of us spend stupid amounts of time watching those little food making videos on Facebook and stumbled upon this one which was our inspiration for the meal. We honestly were having so much fun that I didn't even bother to take note on what all we did, cooking is trial and error but you can kind of make each recipe your own. We bought some marinera sauce for dipping, opted out of adding pepperoni and made a caesar side salad with loads of chicken for some protein. 

It was honestly delicious.  

For Dessert we made Cream Cheese Filled Cinnamon Rolls which we ate with French Vanilla Ice Cream. It was so good it almost hurt. Somehow Shay managed to eat two of those while I powered through one. Here's the recipe we followed. I didn't manage to take photos of the end result because well we were already digging in and they didn't look too aesthetically pleasing but here are a few snaps of Shay being his awesome self and baking for me. 

Pro Tip: Heat up the Cinnamon Rolls in the microwave before adding the Ice Cream so they're extra hot and watch those babies melt into one another. 

Best Dessert Treat Ever. 


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