January In Review

January was a month of change. I honestly cannot believe that it's only just February and this year has already been so insane. In January, Shay's brother Chance and his wife, Skye moved into Shay's house with their family. My social anxiety hit a supreme high when suddenly new people were a permanent fixture in my life. 

I decided to invest more time into my photography this month. It's something I love to do and last year let me experience my first wedding shoots. However, this month it became all too clear that working in this field is an incredibly social experience. To photograph someone you must direct and interact and guide and I'm not the kind of person who likes doing any of that. Being social doesn't come natural for me and after a panic attack and a lame apology for not being able to make it to a shoot yesterday, I'm conflicted with the thought that something that makes me so passionate just may not be the right fit for me after all. 

February is my birthday month and I'm turning twenty-one in twenty-four days. That's ridiculous and scary but there's no way of going around it, I'm getting old. 

Last month I met Kruger, a wild silver fox cat with jagged ears and a gruff meow. A lot of our month was spent in pet shelters looking for a kitten to adopt. I had the notion of getting a kitten because I miss having a pet for everydays but the more I went looking, the more uneasy I felt. Leaving Sparcky with my dad was hard enough and not seeing him as often really sucks, not so sure getting a furry friend is in the books just yet. 

Seeing Sparcky is going to be a whole lot easier now though because after slipping in a thought to Skye on Sunday that Shay wants a pup like they have, Chance whispers to me Sunday morning they're off to the shelter that day and are determined to get my boyfriend his own little pal. Me, being myself and being absolutely horrible at keeping secrets, snuck off to my own cave to avoid giving anything away. After texts and videos and Shay showing up at my door, I gathered him in my car and sped away in the rain to an animal shelter near home where Skye and Chance adopted him a new baby girl. Today we go pick up a four month old pitbull vizsla mix little girl who is officially the woman of my boyfriend's dreams and the new addition to our little family. With two puppies, two cats, and three chihuahuas living at Shay's there will be many new reasons to take all the dogs for a walk or hike. He's anxious and scared and worried; my big guy but he's going to be an amazing dad to this little girl and I cannot wait to watch it all play out. Camera bag waiting patiently in my car, I am counting down the hours until the end of work to go snap photos of this happy day.

February 2016, it's starting off big and through the changes and new things, I'm excited for what this new month is going to bring.

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