Behind The Scenes with SFGDiary

So as some of you may know I've been assisting ValorieDarling in some of her photography endeavors and about two weekends ago, I got to follow her around as she and her galpal, Lauren shot some new content for their blog, SFGdiary. If you're not already following their stuff, get to it because it's amazing. Here are just a few snapshots of the behind the scenes process. I was able to hang out and just snap peeks of some of their yummy Valentines Day Treats that'll be up on their blog soon. I loved being around girls who actually get the idea of staging pretty blog photos. Sometimes I start to question myself when I'm only ever around Shay who thinks it's strange the lengths I'll go for a good picture of my mid morning snack. Being around blogging friends sometimes is just necessary to find creativity and bond in your weird obsessions with marble and copper things. Overall it was fun and I was able to do what I like to do most, be behind the camera and therefore I'll say it was definitely a day well spent.


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